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To sit beside the mysteries of the world and listen is no small thing. It takes skill to trust in their animal-eye gleam, to trust they will not gobble one up – or if they do, that one’s survival will be dependent on how well one adapts to change. valerie ann is a patron of the mysteries. She positions herself near the wild void, ears open, hands ready to weave a tale for those who wander along the way. Make no mistake: what valerie ann translates reveals more about the wanderer than it does the mystery.

valerie ann offers tales through the form of tarot, intuitive guidance, and work with crystal allies. With these guides she is able to bring in the ethereal voices of mystery to dwell in the physical world. She is a truth-teller in the old vein of the world, and yet skilled in weaving stories for the present era. Her work with the mysteries is rooted in understanding the links we share with the past, and how those links can teach us to build futures that support authentic expression and seek to repair damages done through white settler cisheteropatriarchy. Should you wander with valerie ann beside the mysteries, know that the bite of the void will dismantle you. Only in this way can you be taught ways of repair.

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