Enchanting Ways ​

Enchanting Ways is a healing arts collective dedicated to working with feminine energy by calling in sensual healing, creative expression, and rituals as tools of transformation.

Kaily N. Zaic
Artist, Healer, Mother

"​Kaily Zaic brings her whole self to the healing process. She treats not only the body but the mind and spirit of her clients as well. Her calm, strong presence put me immediately at ease during our session. I was able to completely relax and allow Kaily to realign my body and my energy."
-Lauren Asheim 
Kaily's path has been one of self discovery and learning the essence of healing and connecting with the core of unconditional love.
Through this journey she has studied and practiced various healing, spiritual and metaphysical tools to develop a practice through her own spiritual awakening and transformation.
Kaily went to Centerpoint School of Massage and Shiatsu in 2010. Over the years of practice developed an intuitive guide to work with physical and energetic aspects of helping clients work through core issues.
Kaily also being reiki certified and initiated into the Modern Mystery Schools Empower Thyself training, gained deeper sensitivity to energy and how to work with it.
Her passions and years of study include the work of crystal energy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, astrology, tarot and meditation.
After years of being on a healing path, she began to realize that healing is a never ending journey and started seeking the truth of why she was on it and where it was bringing her. Soon discovering the powerful force of art and the incredial healing power in creativity.

Anna Lucia
Company Liasion, Energy Worker

Anna Lucia’s life path has always revolved around the concept of healing, produced during her search to cure her chronic illness and depression, which had plagued her since childhood.  Anna's intertwined search for health and her spiritual/educational journey includes ten years studying kung fu and chi kung, seeing various "alternative" practitioners from Western Herbalism to Accupressure specialists, self-studying psychology, the mind, and spirituality, certifications in Reiki and Health Kinesiology (also known as Natural Bioenergetics by Dr. Jimmy Scott), and an unquenchable thirst to discover how to use the mind as the greatest tool for healing.  

Anna is an artist as well as a spiritual healer.  Her passion in both life and art revolves around merging seemingly dualistic mediums into a single, emotion-evoking piece. She has always recognized and honored issues of duality in life with hopes of merging them into a more spiritual system of coexistence and connection. In order to convey this through art she reuses and recreates tossed aside paper or other materials, often merging them with a mixed media quality of paint or ink illustration. 

Although she is largely self taught, Anna has had an art class here and there including an eight month stint studying fine arts in Florence, Italy. Her wish is to ignite emotion, creative thinking, and connection in others.

Charlotte "Mama" Rose
Artist, psychic, Mother

Charlotte “Mama” Rose is an artist, psychic and mother who guides her clients to full health and the development of their own unique talents using a method of energy work she’s developed since childhood called, “Guided Healing”. Guided Healing is performed differently depending on the needs and preferences of the individual and may involve talking, hands hovering and moving a few inches to a few feet beyond the body, guided visualization, guided breathing, movement and/or light touch. Clients may choose to lie fully clothed on a massage table or rest in another comfortable position during the session. Guided Healing may include; the delivery of information about a clients health, well-being, career and life circumstances , support from guides and loved ones who have passed, the physical reorganization of body structures including the release of tension and healing of disease and ailments, emotional release and mental healing including the restructuring of neural pathways and the restoration of mental health. Mama Rose also offers other services including Animal Healing, Ceremonies including weddings, Mediumship, group Psychic Readings and more.A referral discount and sliding scale is offered.
Rates and more at
Reach out with questions and/or to book your session at contact@mamarose.blog and follow on Social Media (IG, FB, Twitter) for art, insight, events, writing and more @dearmamarose

Sexual Ecology

Lydia Rose is the creator of wild + vibrant sexual ecology, a erotic healing arts practitioner and radical sex + motherhood coach. She delights in handcrafting herbal care for sexual empowerment, health, ceremony and ritual. With a lifelong exploration + study of the erotic healing arts, ayurveda, massage, whole foods, and herbalism, she offers transformative sessions for potency, love, and release in support of her vision of a healed sexual earth. 
Her sessions include:

Mystic Pelvic: Holistic Pelvic Health Care

Mother//fucking: Birth preparation + Postpartum Pelvic Wellness Sessions

Please contact lydiarose@wildandvibrant.com to learn more or inquire

Farrah Fisher
Massage therapist 

Farrah has been a LMT for nine years. A graduate of New Mexico School Of Natural Therapeutics. She is drawn to energy healing, and infuses both polarity therapy and reiki in her sessions. She believes in connection, and that touch is essential to the human experience and is very healing and important, on many levels. Farrah is also an artist, and pet business owner. She performs as a go go and fire dancer, and writes her heart out when the spark hits her. 
Farrah has 
Extensive knowledge in: Chair massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, stone massage, body stretching and ROM, prenatal/side-lying massage, Reiki, Polarity therapy, Shiatsu. 
Also experienced in spa services, stone therapy, colon therapy, CPR, nutrition, flower remedies and reflexology.